Welcome to the South River Forest Coalition – Let's find out what you want to do.
Thank you for your interest! We're thrilled to harness your talents and better understand your interests. Right now, southeast metro Atlantans have a small window and a huge opportunity to bring connectivity to their communities while saving important greenspace before it's gone.

South Atlanta’s most valuable natural resource, the South River, flows eastwardly across Atlanta and through the South River Forest on its way to Jackson Lake and the Ocmulgee River. The Atlanta Department of City Planning, The Nature Conservancy, the South River Watershed Alliance, and others have identified the South River Forest concept – an emerald necklace of 2,000-3,000 acres of connected greenspaces that will celebrate and protect the South River watershed and bring connectivity to SE metro Atlanta in both Fulton and DeKalb counties. However, much of this undeveloped, wooded land is currently privately owned and at-risk of development. That's where we come in! Land use planning and collaboration are essential to bringing this vision to life in a community-driven way. Starting a coalition is the first step.

Intrenchment Creek Park is at the heart of the larger South River Forest vision. Saving the park from development is elemental to protecting additional greenspace in the area. Please note that the South River Forest concept is unrelated to annexation. The vision is cross-jurisdictional. To learn more about the threat to Intrenchment Creek Park and the South River Forest vision, please visit www.StoptheSwap.org.
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Established in 2018, the South River Forest Coalition supports community collaboration for sustainable, equitable growth in SE metro Atlanta.
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