Shore to Core Wellness Survey in WPB!
Hello everyone,

We are looking for volunteers to work with us on Monday, January 23 (afternoon), Tuesday, January 24, and Wednesday, January 25 (morning). We are conducting a wellness survey with the Shore to Core Research team who won the Van Alen Institute competition in West Palm Beach. We will be doing a pilot research to study and need your help to do this. The data will inform us on the use of public space and how it affects people’s well-being. During this phase, we will also conduct a pre-test and post-test wellness survey that you will fill out as part of the project. We only need participants for approximately one hour for two consecutive days.


Who: Volunteers that are 25 to 45 years old and are in good physical condition.

What: Walk along a waterfront location on two consecutive days. Map will be provided via email.

When: Choose Group A or B
*Group A: Monday, 23rd January (afternoon) and Tuesday, 24th January (afternoon)* OR
*Group B: Tuesday 24th January (morning) and Wednesday 25th January (morning).

Time needed: Approximately for 1 hour for 2 days consecutive days.

How: Volunteers will visit us at the Visitor’s Center to receive the pre-test survey and have a Microsoft Band fitted. You are expected to then follow the instructions given to you for the walking tour and end by completing a post-test survey.

Below is more information on Timetable per Testing Group, Testing Schedule, and Map of the Site to be walked.

Once you have applied you will receive further information and a consent form to fill out and send back to Sherryl Muriente at Any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly to 305-542-4971.

Thank you!

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Below is the additional information for the study, overall timeline, time required per participant, and map of the walking tour.
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