Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement Consulting Application
Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement (PennSEM) is a community of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and innovators dedicated to social impact. We help students pursue their interests in the field of social entrepreneurship through discussions, hands on experience, and enriching events and immersion trips. Many of our members have founded their own impactful social enterprises and nonprofits, both on campus and internationally.

PennSEM consulting works with social enterprises globally. For more information, check out:

We would love to get to know more about you through this application.

*Consulting Applications are due Oct 4th at 11:59 pm.
*Selected applicants will be contacted shortly afterward for an interview, which will be held on Oct 6 (Sunday). Sign-ups will be available as soon as you're notified for an interview.
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Creative question: Your client is a manufacturer of big yellow school buses. Their profits have been declining over the years. How do you suggest they turn this situation around? (max 250 words). Feel free to be creative, there is no right answer! We are looking for depth of thought here. *
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What are some of your favorite social enterprises? Are there any you would like PennSEM to work with? *
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