Free Livecast Series

Overcome Anxiety, Master the Fundamentals,
and Advance Your Public Speaking
& Virtual Presentation Skills

May 14-21, 2020 | 9:00 PM

May 14 How to Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxiety
May 15 How to Choose Your Topic and Clarify Your Speech Purpose
May 16 How to Develop and Solidify Your Speech Content
May 17 How to Organize Your Speech For Optimum Impact
May 18 How to Create an Engaging Opening and Powerful Closing
May 19 How to Direct Your Body Language for Better Speech Delivery
May 20 How to Use Your Voice for Effective Speech Delivery
May 21 How to Keep Honing Your Competence and Confidence

Get all these so you can become the compelling and confident communicator you ought to be!

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