Open Call for Suggestions

How to contribute...
The GeOnG Forum is dedicated to addressing issues related to mapping, GIS, mobile data collection & information management in the humanitarian & development sectors.

To this end, the forum is designed to allow participants to:
-- Debate current & future stakes
-- Share experience (including past mistakes) & best practices
-- Introduce relevant & innovative solutions
-- Present new ideas or concepts to their peers

We invite all of you to contribute to the program of the next GeOnG by:
-- Sharing some general recommendations for the program: i.e. topics, challenges, tools, etc. you would like to see presented and discussed during the event.
-- Submitting your own proposal for a session (format to be discussed with CartONG): you can either submit an in-detail finalized session/presentation summary, or just share an idea we'll define together with you.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Programming Committee of the 2018 GeOnG forum. If you have sent a proposal for a session (whose preparation you'll be responsible for), CartONG will get in touch with you by email. Please note that suggestions will be accepted depending on the remaining number of sessions available.

If you represent a private company or are a consultant, please remember that presenting is only possible if sponsoring the conference; please get in touch with us at: geong[at]cartong[.]org if interested.

Thank you!

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