Kent Schools AA - 2021 Track and Field Championships
All Entries for the 2021 Kent School's AA Track and Field Championships will be submitted using this Google Form.

Due to the continued impact of the Covid Pandemic we are not able to run our championships in the same way that we would normally do. We have therefore had to bring in a number of changes to the event.

As always we will be inviting entries from Junior (year 8 and 9), Intermediate (Year 10 and 11) and for 2021 SENIOR athletes (Year 12 and 13); these are the traditional ESAA championship age groups.

Please note that there is not a year 7 championships this year.

In addition you will only be able to enter ONE event this year.

Track events will, in most cases, be run as graded finals with no subsequent rounds and finals in the traditional form. However, times will be used to crown county champions and medals will still be awarded.
To enter the competition, submit your information and performance on this entry form - do not forget to click on SUBMIT at the end of the form once you have completed all sections.

All entries must be received by midnight on MONDAY 24th MAY 2021.
Entries can be made via your school teacher/coach/parent or you yourself.

An entry fee is payable to participate - the fee is £2.50 per athlete. These fees will help pay the costs for the event and unless the entry fee is paid you will not be able to compete.
Entry fees are only payable via bank transfer:
Kent Schools Athletics,
Natwest Bank Sort Code 55-70-13
AC Number 16398823 .
You will need to ensure that you use the following to identify yourself: SURNAME EVENT and AGE GROUP - eg ASHERSMITH100mSG or GEMILI200mJB. Please follow this coding when you pay so that we can identify your payment and confirm your entry.

We shall need various details such as the name of the athlete, school, contact details, date of birth, England Athletics Athlete number where applicable. In addition please give us a contact email so we can get in touch if required.

All information regarding entries and the timetable once it is confirmed will be published on the KCAA and KSAA websites and our facebook page Kent Schools' Athletics.

We are only asking for the data and information that we need to organise and run the KSAA Track and Field Championships. All information submitted will only be used by the volunteers appointed by the KSAA in order to run this competition. As soon as it has been checked and verified and results have been produced personal information will be destroyed. Whilst it is being reviewed all data will be kept secure and under password protection and only shared with relevant KSAA personnel.

For more information and the ESAA Privacy policy go to:

Good luck to you all!
Iain Presnell - KSAA Track and Field Secretary
Ken Burkett - KSAA Hon Secretary

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