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When The Ruth Home closed August 2019, due to housing circumstances TOTALLY out of our control, It broke our hearts, yet we knew it was not the time to quit reaching out to women in need. Donna Sallee’, our Founder/President knew that it was finally time to set in place the vision of the giving fund that had been given to her years earlier.

The story of a Giving Fund began in October 2009, when during the night hours, while awake recovering from a 3-week illness, I heard God whisper to my heart the words, “Blessed To Be A Blessing.” These words settled deep within my heart as I thought of the many possibilities where I could be a blessing to other women.
One day while still pondering these possibilities, I could visualize many women who needed God’s touch of healing in their hearts, and also needs of material things that were unattainable to them because of their difficult life circumstances.
In Feb. 2010, during a morning worship service at our church, God once again spoke these words to my heart, “Blessed to be a Blessing.”

Ruth is a very important name in my personal life with my Mother being Betty Ruth,
I'm Donna Ruth, our youngest daughter is Kallai Ruth, and her daughter is Victoria Ruth.
So to me, the only choice was to call the giving fund, The Ruth Fund!

The Ruth Fund began because we found that there are many women who have sacrificed and suffered so much in life, whether as a victim of sex trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, experiencing a traumatic pregnancy, raising children as a single mother, or women who have suddenly found themselves as Caregivers. We want to let them know that we see them, and we value them!
The Ruth Fund is the vehicle for a group of passionate women to give to other women.
The Ruth Fund is a way to bless hurting women with a small or large gift that would satisfy a desire, make a dream come true, or meet a need that would otherwise be impossible.

We have established GIVING GOALS that will help us to help others on a regular basis and have established ways to give and to bless other women. One of those ways is the Nominated Gifts.
These gifts are typically larger items, such as a car, a vacation, monthly attendant aid for Care Givers and etc...

The gifts that we are able to present to these ladies will be life-changing, from cars to once in a lifetime vacations, to home renovations, and other awards. The results are simply breathtaking and a lot of tears will be shed as we get to be part of the joy of giving to these amazing women and making some dreams come true.
So now you have received this information, all you have to do is get busy with your nominations.

Whose life journey has inspired you?
Whose story do you want to tell?
Whose dreams do you want to make a reality?

The nominee must live in one of our Florida 4 counties, (Flagler, St.Johns, Volusia, Putnam)
and be a woman who would not otherwise be able to receive such a blessing. We obviously will not be able to bless every nominated person, maybe one day as The Ruth Fund continues to grow, we will be able to do something for many other worthy nominees.

So please, don’t be too disappointed if your nominee doesn’t get selected. The Ruth Fund will try and select the best candidates for each surprise gift, so go ahead and make your nominations and leave the rest to us.

If you want to give to The Ruth Fund as an individual, group or church then please get in touch with Donna Sallee’ at

The more we give, the more we will be able to give away or as we like to say “Blessed to be a Blessing!”
Thank you for believing in someone enough to nominate them.

Let the blessings begin!


The Nomination Gifts Process

3 Simple Steps
1. You decide who to nominate – how exciting!
2. Fill in the form online.
3. You sit back and wait to see if your nominee is successful.

Guidelines for Nominations

Nomination Checklist
• How to nominate someone for a The Ruth Fund award
• How you can contribute to the work of The Ruth Fund
• Potential nominees must be recommended by an individual or group.
• Awards will be made once our committee has met, and on the date presented
• Nominations must be submitted to The Ruth Fund by the closing date
• Unsuccessful nominations cannot be transferred to a future funding period but must be resubmitted in full.
• Cash awards are not made by The Ruth Fund. All awards will be made in the form of goods, services or other appropriate assistance.

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