BCS Openmind Computational Tutorial 4/26
April 26nd, 46-3002 10am-12pm
Taught by: Harini Suresh and Nicholas Locascio
LSTMs and Tensorflow
Long Short Term Memory networks (LSTMs) are a type of recurrent neural network that can capture long term dependencies and are frequently used for natural language modeling and speech recognition. In this tutorial we will cover the conceptual basics of LSTMs and implement basic LSTM in tensorflow. The second part of the tutorial will give an introduction to the basics of tensorflow, an opensource software package used for implementing neural networks.

Instructions for python and tensorflow installation are located here: https://github.com/nicholaslocascio/intro-deeplearning-setup

Please bring a laptop as there will be hands on exercises!

After the tutorial, slides and resources will be posted on the computational tutorials stellar page.
slides, references, and exercises: https://stellar.mit.edu/S/project/bcs-comp-tut/materials.html
videos: http://cbmm.mit.edu/videos?field_video_grouping_tid[0]=781

Other tutorial dates this spring:

5/10 2-4pm: Better Science Code taught by Eric Denovellis (46-3189)

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