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Down Under International Details
For the full itinerary and up to date details refer to

Australia's second International Jugger Tournament is a long awaited event, that is sure to be an unforgettable experience! To make sure you don't miss out, make sure you complete your registration by answering these questions and clicking on "submit".

The tournament registration fee is AUD $25 per person and covers entry into the Newcastle Down Under International 2019. This is the flat rate fee to cover all costs.

Payment can be made in any one of the following ways:
1. Transfer to an Australian Jugger League bank account (in Australian dollars)
2. Cash in person in Newcastle (in Australian dollars, only available to international juggers after consultation)
3. Transfer to an European bank account (German account, in Euros, at an exchange rate advised by email)

This form will ask for your team name. If you have a team, please select it from the list, or if it isn't there yet, please use "Not listed" and add it using the next question. Players without a team should select "Mercenary". You will be put in a roster and later you can view the list and contact other mercenaries to form a team, or wait to be assigned to a team by organisers prior to the event. If your team changes, use the "edit" link you will receive in your email to update your information.

This form asks for which country you play jugger in. This is for information purposes, and helps with our organisation and promotion. If your country is not yet listed, please use "Not listed" and add it using the next question.

The DUI website will publicly display who has registered, for which team, and who still owes money. Stay informed by bookmarking!
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