Workshop 4200 Gallery Space Request Form
In 2015, we launched Workshop 4200 as Chicago's much needed home for all kinds of creators, makers, builders, artists, teachers, designers, engineers and innovators. As the first-ever CREATORSPACE™, Workshop 4200 has developed into a productive productive, inspiring environment that encourages the creative spirit of innovation.

As part of our commitment to the creators that call Workshop 4200 home, and to the individuals and organizations that are part of the larger community to which we belong - that of neighbors, innovators, caregivers, community-builders, and creatives both in our own backyard and across this great city - we open our doors to you.

The Gallery at Workshop 4200 provides a unique, flexible space for people with a vision. Whether it's an art exhibition, film screening, fundraiser, yoga class, or jazz session, we want to hear how YOU would use the Gallery at Workshop 4200!

Please submit a request to use the Gallery space using this form.

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