YPIC Challenge II registration
The first edition of our YPIC challenge was a big success and the winning team was announced at HUPO 2017: Axl Rose (Alexander Hogrebe and Rosa R. Jersie-Christensen) with their manuscript: "Sweet Google O’ Mine - The Importance of Online Search Engines for MS-facilitated, Database-independent Identification of Peptide-encoded Book Prefaces" (Jesper V. Olsen’s group at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research). Make sure to go and check out some of the submitted manuscripts at http://eupa.org/ypic/the-challenge. They are all amazing!

You say what now?! Well, the YPIC challenge is a scientific game compiling team work, project management skills and requiring some clever experimental insights. Your team decides on how you go about, when you nail it and how to report your final findings! But there is one unifying concept: only proteomics scientists can crack the code, no matter how hard someone else would try...

Before you register below, make sure you are a YPIC member by filling out this form: https://tinyurl.com/YPICRegistration
It is free of charge and it gives access to a survey where you can tell us what we need to do: https://tinyurl.com/YPICsurvey2

But above all, go and have a look on Facebook to feel the Buzz: https://www.facebook.com/EuYPIC

And what is that challenge exactly? It is actually quite easy! First, you team up with a maximum of 2 other, complementary colleagues (mass spectrometrists, bioinformaticians, wet lab scientist,...). When registered with your team of 3 below, we will send you a protein, which you can analyze as you see fit (no restrictions here). This protein was expressed in E. coli by PolyQuant, a company that usually expresses QConCAT proteins (www.polyquant.com). This time however, it is something they never tried before: the sentence actually encodes an English sentence! Indeed, it turns out that English grammar and biology match surprisingly well :).

As for any scientific challenge, we want you to present your methodologies and results in a short manuscript, according to the rules of publication (details will be shipped with the product sheet). Because we want to take it one step further and in order to include as many expert perspectives as possible, this year we have three additional prizes on top of the best manuscript! So make sure to look into:

a. Three-dimensional Grammar (find out how this sentence folds)
b. Bioinformazing (develop the coolest bioinformatics approach to decipher the sentence)
c. Protein Punctuation (Look for the biological equivalent of punctuation: PTMs left behind by E. coli)
d. #Bioreactivity (can you generate and describe bioreactivity in this Twitter-sized message?)
e. Best manuscript, the main prize

And the more manuscripts we recieve, the bigger our chance become of making this into a special issue of an peer-reviewed journal and thus a fully valid extra line on your CV!

At the end of the ride, you will have gone through a scientific challenge just like in every day life. This way, we can use your experiences to not only debrief on the outcome of the game but equally use it as a stepping stone for a discussion/workshop on real life in science at EuPA 2018, in June in Santiago De Compostella, Spain (http://www.eupa2018.com). Everyone can exchange on their experience there, both in the game and IRL! And of course, we will award the winning teams with a prize. Check last year's cup here: http://eupa.org/ypic/the-challenge. Just to be clear: you do not have to be present at EuPA2018 in order to win the prize, but if you are, we might just offer you a travel reimbursement! But just to be clear: everyone can compete, no matter where on this planet you come from!

You want to take part in this great adventure!? Well, you just have to fill in this registration form before May 25th and we will send you the protein sentence shortly! You have until June 10 to submit the manuscript.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: ypic16@gmail.com or send us a facebook message: www.facebook.com/EuYPIC

The Young Proteomics Investigators Club


Important dates
Deadline for registration: May 25th 2018.

The challenge ends at June 10th 2018

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