Sign up for free to be a member or volunteer of Internet Yetu. This is a network of enterprising youth who are actively building their dream internet. To learn more about what we do, read a brief about our organization on the following link: https://internetyetu.org/aboutus/

To be a part of Internet Yetu means being a part of a crew of humans working together for a healthier Internet(online and offline). We believe that affordable access to the Internet should be a basic human right. We believe in creating a world where those at the intersection of class, gender, disability, race or ethnicity , with generally low education, employment and income - are able to harness the full benefits of the Internet; and use it optimally to enhance their social and economic well being.

Once you fill this form, our community leaders will tailor your experience based on your response. You will receive feedback within 72 hours.

- Access to tailored volunteer opportunities and community projects on Internet Governance and Technology.
- Be a part of a (offline and online) community interested in your growth and development in Internet Governance through exclusive content, workshops ,meetups, events, webinar lectures etc
- Opportunity to be matched with like-minded people in your region. Internet Yetu will give you a platform to interact and learn from people actively involved in Internet Governance.
- Contribute to Social Media campaigns. Activism and interesting projects as a member of Internet Yetu.
- Get your work and personal successes in the field of Internet Governance and Technology highlighted on our Social Media and blog.

- Be a minimum of 16 years old. There is no maximum age to become a member.
- Persons of any nationality can become members.
- Contribute to the community growth by being open to learn, share, and engage in a respectful online and or/offline space.
- Use this space only for engaging in Internet Governance related issues and not for promoting products or services.
- Being a part of Internet Yetu promotes friendships and community. It is against our policy to use this platform as a dating site, to proposition others, and we are strongly against harassment or bullying or behavior that increases safety risks of any kind(emotional or physical)
- Read, understand, agree and adhere to these terms and conditions if you want to be a part of the community.

There is no membership fee. Internet Yetu is an Open Program.

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