Memory & Movement Charlotte - Take Charge! Caregiver Survey
A generous grant from the Philip Van Every Foundation has provided us an exciting opportunity to expand Take Charge - an individualized and comprehensive education and support program to empower family and friends who walk alongside our Memory & Movement Charlotte patients. As we build this program, we are asking you, the family and friends of the care recipient, for critical insights by completing this short 5 minute survey.

*The term "care recipient" refers to the person who is a patient at MMC.

*"Care partner" is interchangeable with "caregiver", the support system for the care recipient.

*Answers will be anonymous.

*All program team members have signed a confidentiality agreement in compliance with HIPAA.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey and sharing your care partner experience with us!
What is your role with the care recipient?
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What is your relationship to the care recipient?
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How far does the care recipient live from you?
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Are you set up with MMC to use the patient portal, the electronic messaging system?
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From the following list, select ALL the diagnoses that have been given to the care recipient:
From the list below, select ALL answers that accurately complete this sentence: "I have a good understanding of..."
From the list below, select ALL the resources you have used:
From the list below, select ALL offerings of interest:
From the list below, select ALL format(s) for receiving care partner education that you prefer:
From the list below, select ALL preferred methods for MMC to relay information about caregiver education opportunities or activities in the community:
Please share any thoughts you have about what would make you feel more empowered as a caregiver:
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