Club Referee Expression of Interest
If you were active as a Club Referee during the most recent season, do NOT complete this form: you are already registered !

Club Referees are needed whenever FFA-certified Referees are not available for our Home matches. We also appoint qualified Club Referees to our smaller field games (U8-U12). To Referee U8-U12 small-field matches, you must be at least 12 and attend an instruction course for MiniRoos Referees (1¼ hrs). To qualify as an Assistant Referee for full field (U13+) matches, you must be at least 13 years old and attend a separate instruction course (2¼ hrs). Please register your interest for the next coaching session by completing the Form below. If you will be aged 17 or younger during any part of the season ahead, an adult's details are REQUIRED: this adult will be copied on all emails sent to the Referee.

As a Club Referee there is ZERO on-going time commitment; you Referee ONLY when YOU are available.

Referee instruction is offered during Jan-Mar and should give you the skills needed to perform both confidently and competently at your very first match. Adults are VERY welcome to register and we would also like to further increase our female Club Referee cohort. Volunteer Mentors provide ad hoc coaching to Club Referees at matches. Our aim is simple: 'World Class' Club Referees !

If you wish to become officially certified as an FFA Referee and so become eligible for appointment to games at other Clubs in Brisbane including yours, you can get more information and also register for an (entry level) Level 4 Referee course at via the Referees tab: hit "Become a Referee".

Please send this form to anyone else interested in becoming a Club Referee.
If you have any questions, email me at:
Chris Appleton, Referee Coordinator
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Referee's PERSONAL cell - ONLY for game day urgency. Type with SPA CES and NO brackets in this format: 0423 456 789 Do NOT leave out spaces !!!! *
DOB - If U18 at ANY time in the season/year ahead DOB is REQUIRED plus all marked ** below. Ensure birth YEAR entered correctly as this silly form defaults to CURRENT year !!
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Referee experience (if any) incl any certification + where/when obtained. If none, leave BLANK.
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