Black Wall Street of Baltimore Business Walk
The Black Wall Street of Baltimore Business Walk is a fundraiser for Notre Maison Connects Nonprofit Organization. All registration proceeds goes to supporting the Greater Youth Initiative. Register Your business and invite YOUR friends and family and other business owners to join and shop.
Event Timing: September 25, 2021 12pm-7pm
Event Address: Notre Maison Connects 16 W. 25th Street
(Route: Between St. Paul Street and Howard Street)
Contact us at (410) 235-5222 /
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When you complete the registration process:
When you complete the registration and pay the registration donation, a text receipt message will be sent to the phone number you provided. The message will also include restroom information and setup instructions for the morning of the event. On the morning of the event, you will also receive a registration number to display during the event. If you have any question, please call Jacqui at 410.235.5222.
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6a. If you are performing a service on the spot, what type of service will you be providing at the event?
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10. Would you be interested in submitting a 10 second scripted promotional video introducing your business? Say your name, name of business and type of business you have. Then say join us at the Black Wall Street of Baltimore Business Walk, September 25th, 12-7pm. Send it via text to 410.235.5222. Then share it on your social media platforms to invite family, friends, your customers and other business owners to join. To view a sample go to @nmconnects on IG.
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AGREEMENT: My registration fee is a $100 or more donation to Notre Maison Connects and payable through Venmo or the website's Paypal page at Cards are also excepted through Paypal. The fee reserves my space along the "Black Wall Street of Baltimore" route and includes my business in promotions for the Black Wall Street of Baltimore Business Walk. Payment due upon registration. *
By completing this registration form and checking the box below, I understand that there is a registration donation fee of $100 or more, payable through Notre Maison Connects website's paypal page. A registration receipt will be emailed to the above email address for my business to be included in the advertising for this event and for my space along the route to be reserved. This form also RELEASES PERMISSION for Notre Maison Connects to use my business name in promotions, photos, videos and advertisements for this event.
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