Open Streets/COVID19 Urban Public Space Data Collection Form!
Hey! Thanks for participating in our ITE Open StreetsData Collection Initiative! We want to collect data about the pop-up/new public spaces that have appeared as a result of COVID-19 on roads/spaces formerly reserved for car traffic. You can submit this form for as many streets/spaces as you would like. The form will take around 5 minutes to complete, and your response will greatly help us design a blueprint for the future of these transformed urban spaces. As an incenctive for completion, you have a chance to win a $10 dollar Amazon gift card.

As some background, we would like to define the term "Open Streets" to those unfamiliar with the term. Open Streets refers to "opening up" vehicular travel lanes to pedestrian and leisure activities. In these spaces, car traffic may still be allowed, but is often discouraged through signage and barriers. Ideally, pedestrians and cyclists can utilize the former travel lanes to socially distance, exercise, or lounge.

Additionally, we are also collecting data on "Open Restaurants", which we wanted to collect separately because it usually involves a different rearrangement of space on the road. Open Restaurant layouts typically utilize the former parking or sidewalk-adjacent lane/curbside lane as additional space for restaurant or public seating. This is typically delineated by barriers or temporary seating, but in some cases may appear as "sheds" or "structures" occupying the curbside space.

For more information on Open Streets and Restaurants, visit:
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