New Orleans & Jefferson Parish Point-in-Time Volunteer Registration
Point-in-Time Street Census January 27 & 28, 2020
For inquiries, contact Robbie Keen, UNITY Director of Research and Special Projects

Volunteer registration for the 2020 Point-in-Time count has begun AND WE NEED YOU! The Point In Time Count is not possible without your time and commitment.

Every year, UNITY of Greater New Orleans, as the lead agency for the New Orleans/Jefferson Parish Continuum of Care, conducts a Point In Time count. The Point In Time count is conducted to provide a comprehensive count of how many persons are homeless in emergency shelter, in homeless transitional housing, and in places not meant for human habitation on any given night. The Point in Time Count provides the information needed to help us understand the nature and extent of homelessness in the Greater New Orleans Area and the resources needed to prevent and end homelessness.
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Volunteer Training and Homelessness 101
This year, we are seeking to provide additional training and context to volunteers participating in the point-in-time count so we can ensure all those administering the survey are familiar with both the procedure required and with the basics of interacting with some of our most vulnerable neighbors on the street in a manner that is respectful and safe. These training sessions are required if you have selected any volunteer shift marked with an asterisk* above as those shifts will involve direct work with our neighbors experiencing homelessness in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish.
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PLEASE NOTE: While we make our best effort to stick to the times listed above, there may be some slight changes.
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