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Attracting all the best radio ideas in Petersfield since 2019.
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1. Your favourite idea for original speech content *
Could be a regular recurring item, a series of things, a general area to explore, or a format idea.
2. Your other ideas for any content *
Other ideas that are not your absolute favourite - nobody's judging you!
3. Who would make you tune-in?
Who is the most charismatic and entertaining person you know in Petersfield? Someone whose company you'd love to share. Someone who would be unmissable on the radio.
4. What could we name our radio service?
You may have an idea for a brand name. Ideally a short, snappy, distinctive name that people can tell is a radio service. It needs to shorten to eight characters to show on a radio display.
5. How can you help fundraise?
We must fundraise to support the project. What sources of funding can you help us unlock, if any?
6. One thing you could do to deepen our connections in the community?
7. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could...
The stuff of which dreams are made. Go on... make a wish.
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