European Data Science Survey
This survey is for European data scientists to help understand the state of data science in the European Region. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to complete it. It should take less than 5 minutes. If you have any problems completing it, please let me know on

Thank you / Merci / Gracias / Grazie / Tack / Danke / Tak / Dank je / Obrigado / Köszönöm / Mulțumesc /ευχαριστώ

With Kind Regards
Mike Ferguson

Are you a Data Scientist?
Do you work in a business department or in IT?
What roles make up your data science team? (tick all that apply)
What kinds of tools /programming languages do you use in your job? (tick all that apply)
Is your team doing data science on the cloud or on premises?
If using the Cloud which cloud are you using for Data Science projects? (tick all that apply)
What application areas are you using Data Science to improve / monitor? (tick all that apply)
If you make use of on-line education for data science related training, please specify which site(s) you have used?
Which on-line forum sites do you use to collaborate with other data scientists and learn from others?
Would you consider yourself a decision maker or an influencer when it comes to choosing technology for data science projects?
Which management executives do you regularly communicate with? (tick all that apply)
What key roles are involved in deciding what technology to buy/use to support data science and big data analytics projects in your organisation?
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