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5 Elements Coaching RDG is looking for Board Members and Researchers .... Looking forward to hearing from you... Someone will be in contact as soon as possible to set up a Zoom chat... Please be patient as we are just starting and working out some backend stuff while working to get things started and moving forward.

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If, you are looking to be a part of the 5 Elements Coaching RDG Board Member, which position? 
(Please review website -- only looking for 3 volunteer positions at present -- dual roles will be needed for these positions... there will be a confidentially agreement required but there won't be a non-compete. We are asking for a minimum of 1 year on the board.)
If, you are looking to be a part of the 5 Elements Coaching RDG as a Researcher, which position and are you a nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist or another holistic, integrative and functional practitioner? 
(Please review website -- groups will only be 3 to 4 volunteers at present-- some of the duties will be researcher, screener, writer and editor-- advise position desired but remember this is also for learning and growing so you may be asked to assist in other areas. Also, a confidentially agreement will be required but there won't be a non-compete as this is geared to learn and grow from... the research process can be long. If chosen you will be given access to a member only section, so you have access to what is needed.)
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