Maryland Heritage Areas Program (MHAP) Grants Review Panelist Application / Nomination Form
MHAP is currently accepting applications and nominations for the FY 2021 grants review cycle, for which grants review will occur in Spring and Summer of 2020. Please complete the form below to apply to serve or nominate a colleague to serve as a grants review panelist. As a part of this form you will be asked about your (or the nominee’s) experience in fields related to MHAP’s grant program. You will also be asked about your (or the nominee’s) demographic information.

If you currently serve on the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, one of the boards of directors for the 13 local heritage areas, or one of the grants review committees for the 13 local heritage areas, you are not eligible to serve on this panel.

Please complete this form by November 22, 2019 in order to be considered for the FY 2021 MHAP grants panelist selection.
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