Wellness Policy Baseline Assessment
Use the definitions below to fill out the school survey. Choose the answer that best describes where your school is at in implementing the HESD Wellness Policy.

FULLY IN PLACE = Yes, our school has implemented ALL of the components.
PARTIALLY IN PLACE = Our school has implemented MOST of the components.
UNDER DEVELOPMENT = Our school has implemented A FEW of the components.
NOT IN PLACE = No, we have NOT implemented any of these components.

Select your school site.
Nutritional and Quality of Food & Beverages Sold and Served on Campus
1. Have components of the Wellness Policy been shared with teachers, parents and students?
2. Are healthy meal choices offered at school?
3. Is the breakfast program at school accessible to all students?
4. Is adequate time provided for students to eat meals?
5. Is sharing food and beverages discouraged?
6. Do all students have access to water and are they encouraged to drink it throughout the day?
7. Do all foods sold meet the Smart Snack compliant guidelines?
8. Is the Smart Snack compliant list available to teachers, parents, and after school staff?
9. Does your school encourage fundraising activities that promote physical activity?
10. Are celebrations with food limited to once a month per class?
11. Are ideas for healthy celebrations provided to parents and teachers?
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