Winter break survey 2024
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The academic year does not currently have a gap during the winter holiday period (~23rd of December to the second week of January). This means that you are expected to use the time to prepare for exams, write reports, or for other course studies. Teachers are also allowed to schedule deadlines during the holiday period.

In order to help all students, and the Science Student Union (LUNA) itself, we need to make sure that students are given enough time to rest and recover. LUNA has during the past years looked into the possibility of having a winter break.
During 2022/23, a conversation with the Faculty of Science and its departments was reintroduced. This conversation resulted in the general requirement that a potential break has to be coordinated with LTH. This has led to LUNA initiating a conversation with Teknologkåren vid LTH (TLTH) and the other student unions in Lund about coherent recovery time (sv. sammanhängande återhämtning) such as a winter break. LUNA is also planning on taking this to a national level in SFS (Swedens United Student Unions).

In order for LUNA to do this work in a way that represents the will of the union members, we need to collect your opinions on this matter. We have therefore formulated the questions below. Please answer honestly.

xoxo, the Board <3

The survey is released 25/1 and will be available until 12/2.
Which student council do you belong to? *
What's your general opinion of a break? *
What kind of break would you prefer? *
Rate the options below from 1 to 5.
1 - Hate it
5 - Love it
The autumn semester begins one week earlier; the exams are before the 24/12.
The holiday season becomes an official winter break; the exam times do not change.
The holiday season remains as it is; the exam-times do not change; one week of official winter break is added between the autumn and spring semester.
Autumn break between period 1 and 2; the semester begins one week earlier.
Spring break between period 3 and 4; the semester ends one week later.
Nothing changes
Would you still want a formal break, even if it is not the break of your choice? *
If you have any other opinions about a break that you want to share you can write them here!
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