RCTP Application 2020, Part 1
Complete all steps of the preliminary application before midnight on Sunday April 12th. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, but this form will be closed on April 13th. Selected finalists will be asked to upload a video before May 4th. Attendance at all Monday/Wednesday (Evanston) or Tuesday/Thursday (Chicago) 4-6 pm workshops is required. Exceptions will be considered, please explain in the comment section at the end of this form.

Required Dates for ALL, 4-6 pm:
Monday June 22 (Evanston) or Tuesday June 23 (Chicago)
Wednesday June 24 (Evanston) or Thursday June 25 (Chicago)
Monday June 29 (Evanston) or Tuesday June 30 (Chicago)
Wednesday July 1 (Evanston) or Thursday July 2 (Chicago)
Monday July 6 (Evanston) or Tuesday July 7 (Chicago)
Wednesday July 8 (Evanston) or Thursday July 9 (Chicago)
2 hours (scheduled by appointment) July 13 or 14 (All in Evanston)
Wed July 15 (Evanston) or Thursday July 16 (Chicago)
Monday July 20 (Evanston) or Tuesday July 21 (Chicago)

OPTION 1: Symposium Presentation, 4-6 pm:
Wednesday July 22 (Evanston) or Thursday July 23 (Chicago)
Monday July 27 (Evanston) or Tuesday July 38 (Chicago)
Wednesday July 29 (Evanston) or Thursday July 30 (Chicago)
Rehearsal: Aug 5, 6, 7, OR 8, 4-6 pm (MW in Evanston; TuTh in Chicago. Attend just one)
Dress Rehearsal: Monday Aug 10 (Evanston) or Tuesday Aug 11 (Chicago)
Symposium: August 12 (Evanston) or Thursday August 13 (Chicago)

OPTION 2: Video Editing Mini-Course and 3-Minute Video (in Evanston):
Monday July 27, 4-6 pm
Wednesday July 29, 4-6 pm
Monday Aug 3, 4-6 pm
Wednesday Aug 5, 4-6 pm
Monday Aug 10, 4-6 pm
Wednesday Aug 12, 4-6 pm
Friday Aug 14, 30 minute session to be scheduled
Monday August 17, 4-6 pm
Wednesday August 19, 4-6 pm

Questions? Contact us at RCTP@northwestern.edu
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This is your 7 digit ID number, not your NetID. The RCTP program is designed to improve presentation skills, not English language skills. Strong proficiency in English is needed to participate fully in the program. In order to help the selection committee assess the English proficiency of international applicants, Versant and/orTOFEL scores of applicants may be reviewed as part of the selection process. English language learners who have not yet passed The Graduate School's English proficiency requirement are highly encouraged to enroll in the services offered by the English Language Learners Program before applying to participate in RCTP.
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Which section would you like to participate? *
The Evanston section will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, 4-6 pm. The Chicago section will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-6 pm.
As of now, do you think you will participate in the Seven Minutes of Scholarship Symposium, or record and edit a 3-minute video? You will not be held to this decision, it is only for planning purposes. *
In 200-300 words please tell us why you want to participate in the RCTP Research Communication program. What do you hope to gain? *
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