Burlingame Creek Fall Planning Parent Survey
To help MESD/Burlingame Creek best prepare for school in the Fall during the COVID-19 pandemic, please
take a few moments to complete this brief survey.
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How many students in your home were working on academics this spring? *
Please tell us the grade level of your student(s).
What language do you speak most often at home?
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Spring Closure/Distance Learning Feedback
Overall, how would you rate your experience with MESD during the Spring closure due to COVID-19? *
During the closure due to COVID-19, what was the highlight of your experience with MESD? *
OPTIONAL: During the closure due to COVID-19, what was the highlight of your experience with MESD?
During the closure due to COVID-19, what was the most challenging aspect of your experience with MESD? *
Fall School Safety Planning
What is your preferred method for your student to receive educational instruction?
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If the District uses a Remote Learning or Hybrid Learning model, does your child have adequate access to a device and Internet service?
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How can we help support your child's academic or social emotional needs at this time?
What would help you/your child feel connected to school next year?
If school buildings reopen in the fall, how comfortable are you today with sending your child back to school? *
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Extremely Comfortable
What health guideline are the most important to you? *
Online Learning Expectations
In the event of All-School Distance Learning ONE day a week, is there a weekday that you would prefer students receive distance learning at home?
What is the most important aspect of online learning to you? *
What is your largest concern with online learning? *
OPTIONAL: If you would like to provide input or feedback not covered in this survey, please let us know.
Thank you!
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