Ohio PTA Innovations to Transform Family Engagement Grant
Application deadline: Friday, October 12, 2018 by 5:00 pm EST; electronic submissions only

Win a $400 grant from Ohio PTA! Five grants will be awarded. Simply tell us about an activity or program that effectively engages your families and your school staff or community. You can submit:
1) A current or previously held program (photos, fliers, video or parent & staff comments are a plus) OR
2) A previous program you think can be transformed by adding a new twist or new participants OR
3) A new idea or program you would like to try.

Family Engagement in Education
Decades of research prove that when families are actively involved in their child’s education student achievement improves, students earn higher grades and test scores, they have fewer disciplinary referrals, and schools get better as a result.

The Ohio PTA Family Engagement Grant aims to provide financial support to local PTA units who want to offer transformative family engagement programs that include our diverse families and communities and positively impact student success.

Eligibility: All PTA units in good standing as of September 30, 2018
To be considered a PTA in “good standing” for this grant, YOUR PTA MUST:

By September 30:
• Send your membership campaign theme or flyer to membership@ohiopta.org
• Remit a portion (25% of last year’s total) of your state and national dues by September 30, 2018

Selection Process and Criteria: All proposals will undergo review by members of the Ohio PTA Family Engagement Committee. Selection criteria are a program/activity that has already taken place or will take place before January 31, 2019 and accomplishes at least one of the following goals:

a) builds trusting relationships between families and staff
b) transitions families to their role in a new building or new grade level
c) gives a tool or skill that enables families to add to student learning at home
d) facilitates two-way dialogue between families and staff when setting school goals and programs
e) engages the community in school or PTA programs that foster student success
f) has the potential to impact every student

For more information on transformative family engagement, go to ohiopta.org and the Ohio PTA Membership blog.

Post Reward Requirements: Grantees will be required to submit a brief project and budget report at project completion and will be invited to share their experiences at the 2019 Ohio PTA Convention. Part up front ($300), and the remainder after the project/budget report has been submitted.

Grant recipients will work with the Ohio PTA family engagement committee to finalize the innovative and transformative framework for their idea or program.

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