Kickstand Comedy Internship and Scholarship Application
This application is for individuals seeking financial assistance to complete the full Kickstand Comedy Improv Training. Anyone may apply at any time. However, only applicants applying before 10/14/18 will be considered for the oncoming session starting 10/25/18. (Applicants may also reapply for future sessions)
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Please describe why you're interested in taking improv comedy classes at Kickstand Comedy Space, your performing background, and your long-term comedy goals? *
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Do you require any classroom accommodations?
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Please check every aid option that you wish to be considered for: *
Specialty Internships are available depending on space needs and are compensated on an skill to skill basis. Examples of Specialty Internships include: graphic design, promotional expertise, and Sign Language Interpretation. Do you have any skills that you believe could be beneficial to Kickstand Comedy Space? Please explain below, if applicable.
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Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Serves Permit is not a requirement of the internship program. However, by being OLCC certified, we can offer a wider variety of shifts and a more varied schedule. Do you have a current OLCC Servers Permit or are you open to getting OLCC certified this session to work bar shifts? *
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