Literacy & Language Skills Assessment Paper
This assessment paper give examples of the basic literacy and language skill needed to attend a
TCS NDT course. It is not intended as a grading tool. It is to be used by students to determine if
they have the specific literacy and language to handle the course.
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Which of the following terms correctly describe the following statement: “to deviate from the original path”?
1 point
Out of the below, which word expresses obligation that must be obeyed?
1 point
Choose the correctly spelt word to complete the sentence: the importance of the safety precautions cannot be ___________.
Fill in the blank
1 point
NDT is an abbreviation which stand for which of the following?
1 point
Read the following paragraph and answer the questions below.
NDT is the testing and evaluation of materials, without causing damage or destruction to them. This is opposed to destructive testing which renders the product virtually useless after testing. NDT methods may rely upon use of electromagnetic radiation, sound, and inherent properties of materials to examine samples. Advantages of NDT over destructive testing are that every item can be examined with no adverse consequences, materials can be examined for conditions internally and at the surface and most importantly parts can be examined whilst in service making a good balance between cost effectiveness and quality control.
NDT is used in almost every industry with the majority of applications coming from the aerospace, power generation, automotive, rail, petrochemical and pipeline markets, safety being the main priority of these industries.
Which of the following in not an advantage of NDT Inspection?
1 point
Which of the NDT method list below uses sound?
1 point
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