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to find your purpose and put it into action?

Sometimes, taking action is hard, and it's easy to feel like there are too many paths to choose from, too many doors to open, and feel like you're not making a difference in pursuing your purpose. 

Answer these simple questions to learn more, and I will send you a personalized strategy to help you pursue your poiema with actionable purpose.

These questions will provide me with some insight to how you feel about where you're at now, you're goals & aspirations, and a bit more about who you are and want to become.

After I have received your answers, I will create your strategy and will email you actionable steps you can take in pursuing your poiema purpose.

Poiema Women's Success Coaching empowers women. I provide women-only coaching.
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Consider this scenario: You have worked hard on a new project at work which you believe will put you at the top of the list for the new slot opening for the manager position. You present the project to upper management and they are ecstatic with your work. After implementing the project, you learn that you didn't foresee some of the challenges ahead of you. Do you? *
Consider this scenario: You are excited to have learned about a new opportunity and jump all in. You paid for the membership, you bought the products, and started to post on social media. A few weeks later, the products sit unsold and you've lost your motivation to try and build your new opportunity. Do you? *
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