Boston City Singers and Cambridge Children's Chorus 2018 - 2019 Registration Form
Welcome! We look forward to having your child/children with us for the coming school year. Please check with your Chorus Administrative Manager for a calendar of rehearsals and performances for the year. Additional performances may be added.

Programs include the following:
Boston City Singers
• Kodaly Singing Classes (age 4-1st grade) (Dorchester and Jamaica Plain)
• Neighborhood Training Chorus (Grades 2-5) (Dorchester and Jamaica Plain)
• Cantare (Grades 6-9) (Dorchester)
• Harmony (6-12) ( Dorchester)
• Tour Choir (Grades 7-12) ( Dorchester)

Cambridge Children's Chorus:
• Kodaly Singing Classes (age 4-kindergarten)
• Melody Makers (Grades 1-2)
• Neighborhood Training Chorus (Grades 3-5/6)
• Cantare (Grades 6-9)

Please fill out a separate form for each child you have in Boston City Singers and/or Cambridge Children's Chorus.

We look forward to an exciting season of song!

Table of Contents
1. Tuition and Payment
2. Singer Information
3. Home Information
4. Demographic Information
5. Parent/Gardian Information
6. Media/Photo Release
7. Singer Medical Information
8. Financial Aid
9. Parent Volunteer Form
Boston City Singers and Cambridge Children's Chorus Tuition Information

Kodaly Singing Classes - 1 hour weekly - Dorchester - $420.
Kodaly Singing Classes - 1 hour weekly - Jamaica Plain - $420.
Kodaly Singing Classes - 45 minutes weekly - Cambridge - $315.

Melody Makers - Cambridge - 1 hour - $420.

Neighborhood Training Chorus - 1 1/4 hours weekly - Dorchester - $520.
Neighborhood Training Chorus - 1 1/4 hours weekly - Jamaica Plain - $520.
Neighborhood Training Chorus - 1 hour weekly - Cambridge - $450.

Cantare - Dorchester and Cambridge - 2 hours weekly - $770.

Harmony - Dorchester - 2 hours weekly - $770.

Tour Choir (including World Rhythm Ensemble) - Dorchester 2 - 8 hours weekly - $870.

If you are applying for Financial Assistance, the minimum ANNUAL TUITION payment is $100 for Kodaly, Melody Makers and Training Chorus and $200 for Cantare, Harmony and Tour Choir. 50% of this is due by October 1 and 50% is due on or before February 1 unless you request a monthly payment plan. Special situations are also taken into consideration.

Semester 1: September - January 30
Semester 2: February 1 - May 31

Please make all checks (both Cambridge and Boston Programs) payable to "Boston City Singers." They can be brought to rehearsal or mailed to Boston City Singers, 17 Waldeck St., Dorchester, MA 02124. Payments can be made online through our website at

Tuition Payment Plan
All families should complete this form within 2 weeks of joining Boston City Singers/Cambridge Children's Chorus. Please make checks payable to "Boston City Singers" and note your child's name, program and "tuition" in the memo line. Checks can be brought to rehearsal or mailed to Boston City Singers | 17 Waldeck St. | Dorchester MA 02124

Or you can pay online:

Please note your child's name and "tuition" in the memo line.

Tuition for members joining after November 1 will be prorated.

Regardless of whether or not you are applying for financial aid, please indicate which payment plan you would like.

The financial aid application is the last section of this registration form.

Please choose your preferred payment plan *
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