Bliss Family of ROMs
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What is Bliss Family of ROMs?
We are a group of multiple ROMs and app projects, all acting as a team and sharing our resources in order to build each other up and help the community as a whole. What we offer our team members is shared resources of chats, build support, build servers (when available), deals on hosting, or connections with well suited hosting providers, experts in most fields, including UI & concept design, app development, animation, ROM developers, device maintainers, and the list goes on. And along with all that, we also offer up opportunities to broaden your reach through PR and marketing, and did we mention that there is no cost to join, or use the majority of services we offer? That's right. Our goal is to provide the Android community with a free and open team environment that promotes creativity and development of all types.
"Where do I sign up!?"
If you are a ROM or app development team of 1-10 individuals, and you would like to be considered for inclusion into the Bliss Family of ROMs, you will have to answer a few short questions first.
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Does your project fill a need? If so, please explain in as much detail as possible *
Please tell us why you started to make this project, and also provide us with thread links so we can see how things have gone so far *
Is there anything included in your project that we might find questionable? If so what, and please explain the reasoning behind including it in your project. *
How many members are included in your team? *
Who are they? *
Please be as detailed as possible. Names, GitHub links, XDA handles, etc.
Which members will best represent your team? *
We have a [Family] Team Leads room on Telegram to act as a Bliss Family of ROMs - Board of Members, and we would like to know which members can best represent the will of your team, without causing any drama. (Most teams use their board members for this list)
I agree to make regular contributions towards Bliss ROM as a base *
Not too much time spent on us, we want you to be able to grow your project first and foremost. But we would like your word that you'll kick back a few contributions towards Bliss ROM too
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