Look Up Live Teen Leadership Council Application

As the first generation to have technology be such a prominent part of our lives, we believe solutions for the problems and effects generated by digital overload should be the product of our generation. Whether you have been involved in Digital Wellness spheres before, or you are just learning about tech/life balance and wellness, we are committed to helping individuals create positive digital experiences and healthier lifestyles within themselves and their communities. Our council will provide a place and resources to make digital and mental wellness available and easy for passionate minds.

To learn more about LookUp.Live and The LookUp Challenge!
LookUp.Live: https://www.lookup.live/
LookUp Challenge: https://lookupchallenge.com/

Where are you from?
How attached are you to your phone?
Not at all, I rarely use it
I consistently pick up my phone
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How satisfied are you with your own screen use? (Both in time and content)
I need to improve
I'm happy with it
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What have you done to create a more positive digital experience for yourself and others? *
How much do you know about Digital Wellness? (it's okay if you know nothing)
A lot
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What would you offer to the Leadership Council?
Have you ever heard of the LookUp Challenge or LookUp.Live? (Don't worry if you haven't!)
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Describe yourself in one sentence. (This doesn't have to be super serious! We want to get to know you!)
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