GeoCoin (GEO) address claim form
If your coins are currently on Yobit, or were held on Yobit during the snapshot block taken at #1568125 you cannot use this claim form. The original blockchain is now developer abandoned so the network stability is not guaranteed. Sending any balances to the GEO desktop wallet you do so at your own risk.

This form is used to process an off-exchange GeoCoin (GEO) address to Ubiq Network address claim.

This consists of:

- Open up the Fusion wallet, add the GeoCoin (GEO) token contract address under Watch Tokens: 0x500684CE0D4f04aBeDff3e54fCF8acC5E6CFc4bD
- Grab your receiving Ubiq Network address

- Use this online form to enter a GEO address, mapped to a receiving Ubiq Network address
- You will need to "Sign a Message" in the GEO desktop wallet to prove ownership of a GEO wallet address
- GEO address balances were snapshot at block # 1568125. This snapshot prevents double claims
- You will be able to perform a claim after the network has been launched. The intention is to provide an adequate window of time for the claim process
- At some point we intend to send any unclaimed funds to a multisig address which will require multiple party approval to process any later claims

We intend to make this claim process as fair and transparent as possible and it can therefore be audited on the blockchain.

You may want to consolidate some of your holdings to a smaller number of GEO addresses leading up to the swap.

Thank you for your participation!

1. Open GEO desktop wallet and Go to File --> Sign Message
2. Enter Address. To view all your Addresses, check them out in the address book.
3. Enter Signed Message (corresponding receiving Ubiq Network address from Fusion wallet)
4. Enter Press button "Signed Message"
5. Copy address, message and signature to this Google form

We will use the block explorer at to verify addresses.

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We will use the block explorer at to verify addresses
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