A Harvest of Joy
When the Lord changed Zion’s circumstances for the better,
    it was like we had been dreaming.
Our mouths were suddenly filled with laughter;
    our tongues were filled with joyful shouts.
It was even said, at that time, among the nations,
    “The Lord has done great things for them!”
Yes, the Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are overjoyed.
Lord, change our circumstances for the better,
    like dry streams in the desert waste!
Let those who plant with tears
    reap the harvest with joyful shouts.
Let those who go out,
    crying and carrying their seed,
    come home with joyful shouts,
    carrying bales of grain! (Psalm 126 CEB)
The psalmist celebrates the way God is able to change our circumstances so that the tears we plant result in a harvest of joy.
We lament that we are going through a time of tears due to our collective sin and failure to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. 
We are in the midst of global upheaval with massive involuntary migration as people flee oppression and economic suffering in search of bare essentials for living; a period with rising tides of nationalism, racism, human trafficking, disrupting climate change, and violence.  
We are also experiencing denominational brokenness marked by differences of scriptural interpretation. We face conflict over what it means to be an inclusive church (Book of Discipline ¶4) with regard to all who are marginalized and oppressed. This includes the sins of racism, cultural domination, sexism, economic and sexual exploitation, and notably the prejudice against, exclusion of, and explicit harm done to LGBTQI persons who we declare to be “of sacred worth” but who are cruelly banned by our Church from living fully into their discipleship in the covenant of Christian marriage and the call to ministry.
We dream of the ways God will change our circumstances for the better as renewed and new institutional structures emerge to support our ministry and mission.  
We dream of a church that hears the groaning of the whole creation (Romans 8:18-25) for redemption and peace; a church that boldly participates in the coming of God’s dream of a transformed world in which the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the oppressed are set free, and the poor receive good news (Luke 4:16-21); a church that bears witness to the hope of that day when the kingdoms of this earth will become the Reign of God. (Revelation 11:15)
We dream of a church that wholeheartedly affirms the Christian faith expressed in the Articles of Religion, Confession of Faith of The United Methodist Church, the General Rules, and the historical creeds and liturgies of the Church and defined in the Book of Discipline as “Our Theological Task” (¶105).
We dream of a church that, instead of mirroring the painful polarization of the world around us, is united in our faith, mission, and ministry (Ephesians 4:1-6) while honoring diversity of conscience and practices given the varied contexts in which we serve (Acts 15:1-29).
We dream of a church that energetically teaches the whole Bible as well as the necessary spiritual skills of discernment and interpretation, and affirms the authority of Scripture and interprets it through the Wesleyan understanding of reason, tradition, and experience (Book of Discipline ¶105).
We dream of a church empowered by the Holy Spirit to clearly announce and assertively model the reign of God revealed in Jesus Christ in the life of the church and the world (Matthew 10:5-7).
We dream of a church that is actively and visibly fulfilling its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world sharing love and seeking justice with all kinds of people in more and different places, even as Peter discovered that God’s grace included people who were formerly declared unclean (Acts 10:9-48).
We dream of local congregations that invite and truly welcome non-religious or marginalized people into transforming relationships with God as passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, who are also sent out to make the world loving and just (Book of Discipline ¶122).
We dream of a church that lives up to our commitments to the “global nature of our mission” (Book of Discipline ¶123) through vibrant connections and shared ministries that fulfill Christ’s command (Matthew 28:16-20) and respect and provide for cultural and contextual differences. 
We dream of the day when The United Methodist Church will once again reap the harvest of joyful witness and ministry in every place (Matthew 9:36-38).
We, the undersigned laity and clergy of The United Methodist Church, commit ourselves to participate in the coming of God’s dream as we work for a transformed world and a more gracious expression of United Methodism where both fully reflect God's love and calling in the lives of all people.

— Uniting Methodists

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Current Signatories
Rev. Pamela Abbey
Diane Abresky
Rebecca Adams
Rev. William Adams
Elizabeth Adcock
James Allen
Rev. Maxine Allen
Rev. Cole Altizer
Rev. Philip Amerson
Carol Anderson
Pennie Anderson
Sara Anderson
Tom Andres
Eleanor Armstrong
Rev. R Martin Armstrong
Ryan Arnold
Bob Atchison
Rev. Marcus Atha
Phyllis Atkins
Vonda Atkinson
Samantha Aupperlee
Scott Ayers
Kim Bachmann
Kathy Back
Amber Baker
Rev. Ray Baker
Louise Ballard
Rev. Jim Bankston
Rev. Barbara Barden
Rev. William Barnes
Rev. Joy Barrett
Doreen Bass
Larry Bates
Sharon Bates
Greg Bauer
Lois Bauer
Patrick Beal
Bettye Beaumont
Rev. Charles Becher
Barbara Beil
Rev. Cheryl Jefferson Bell
Rev. Robert Bell
Rev. Velda Bell
Brent Bender
Rev. Laura Berg
Ward Berg
Rev. Manzel Berlin
Brad Berridge
Rev. Keith Berry
Jerry Beverly
Rev. William Bills
Rev. Bethann Black
Rev. Shawn Blackwelder
Rev. Christina Blake
Joshua Blakely
Christie Blanton
Rev. E. Doyle Blanton
Rev. Randy Blanton
Sharyn Blecha
Becky Boland
Elizabeth Boman
Bev Bonderman
Amy Bone
Rev. Ben Boone
Rev. James Bortell
Roberta Bortell
Rod Bosma
Rev. Paul Bosshardt
Andrea Bowen
Lynn Bowersox
Christine Bowman
Rev. Lane Boyd
Robert Boyd
Lisa Bradley
Rev. Vicki Brantmeyer
David Brazil
william Breazeale
Cindy Breider
Rev. Russell Breshears
DeeDee Brickner
Shelton Bridges
Jay Brim
John Brocato
Rev. Gail Brooks
Rev. Kathy Brown
Rev. Olu Brown
Rev. Russell Brown
Rev. Tom Brown
Rev. Wesley Brown
Rob Browning
Rev. David Brownlee
Rick Brownsberger
Gene Bruce
Rev. Rob Bruce
Rev. Andy Bryan
Rev. Jennifer Bryan
Della Bube'
Rev. Bryan Bucher
Rev. Bryan Buckles
Rev. Marjorie Buckley
John Budd
Joanne Budd
Jana Budke
Tricia Budke
Judabeth Bural
Patricia Burgess
Richard Burkholder
George Burr
Shirley Burr
Evelyn Burry
Charlotte Butcher
Judith Butler
Rev. Patti Butler
Elise Cagle
Sharon Caine
Rev. Andy Call
Rev. Maria Campbell
Rev. Nancy Miller Campbell
Sandra Campbell
Rev. Scott Campbell
Rev. Carol Rexroad Cannon
Sarah Capel
Rev. Mike Carey
Rev. Pamela Carey
Alberta Carpenter
Cindy Carpenter
William Carpenter
Rev. Allen Carson
Brandon Carter
Jane Carvell
Mary Brooke Casad
Rev. Carl Caskey
Rev. Brian Caughlan
Joan Cavin
Lucinda Cebular
Lonnie Chafin
Martha Chamberlain
Rev. Charles (Tony) Chance
Rev. Clare Watson Chance
Sandra Chapman
Rev. Mark Charlton
Lexie Chatham
Marvin Chavis
Rev. Patricia Christ
Martha Chumbler
Rev. Charles Church
Rev. Sandra Cislo
Rev. Jay Clark
Miranda Clayton
Alice Clement
Karl Cocke
Sally Coleman
Gregory Collins
Katherine Collman
Rev. Richard Collman
Robert Colvin
Don Conlee
Nancy Constant
Rev. Roberta Cook
Linda Cooper
Lynn Corazao
Carla Cothran
Rev. J. Robert Countiss
Rev. Denise Courbain
Rev. Amy Covington
Jane Cox
Sylvia Craig
Denise Crane
Alan Crisman
Belinda Crisman
Kay Cunningham
Terry Curro
Rev. Wayne Curry
Matt Dailey
Rev. Douglas Damron
Lee Daniel
Gwen Daniels
Laurie Daniels
Betsey Davis
Jessie Davis
Joni Davis
Rev. Judy Davis
Mary Davis
Michael and Margaret Davis
Duane Davis
Rita Davis
Curtis De Keyrel
Rev. Donna DeCamp
Rev. Donna DeCamp
Rev. Lisa Degrenia
Jeanine DeGriselles
Hope DeJong
Rev. Ali DeLeo
Jennifer Della'Zanna
Richard Demarest
Rev. Beth Demme
Edward Denham
Marlene Deringer
Barbara Dick
Lara Dick
Dale Dickson
Deborah Dietrich
Susan Dimick
Cindy Dixon
Rev. David Dodge
Patti Rogers Dodge
Rev. John Dodson
Rev. Jim Donnan
John Dormois
Rev. Junius Dotson
Sherry Doty
Joan Dougherty
Beth Dowler
Ted Dowler
Stephanie Downey
Ally Drummond
Thalia Duffield
Martha Gay Duncan
Lisa Dunlap
Bruce Durkee
Kathy Durkee
Keith Dyer
Priscilla Dyer
Rev. Lynn Dyke
Rev. Joseph Easley
Rev. Bill Eason
Serena Eckert
lars edburgh
Rev. John Edgar
Bruce Edwards
Lisa Efthymiou
Rev. Davis Eichelberger
Maddie Eiler
Nedra Elbl
Rev. Sharon Elliott-Fox
Aiden Ellis
Rev. Valarie Englert
Jane Eshelman
Rev. Phillip Estes
Allen Evans
Rev. Dr. Jim Farrer
Kathie Ferguson
Rev. Kaye Ferguson-Patton
LeAnne Ferry
Lida Fikes Perfetto
Regina B Fineran
Donna Fisher
Gaye Fisher
Cherrie Fleming
RosAnn Flenner
Rev. Michael Ford Bailey
David Forsythe
JoAnne Foss
Rev. Ron Foster
Rev. William Foster
Courtney Fowler
Judith Frame
Rev. Carl Frazier
Nancy Frazier
Rev. William Frazier
Rev. Earl Freeman
Gaye Fuller
Rev. David Fuquay
Julie Fuschak
Tammy Gaines
Patty Gangloff
Steve Gardner
Barbara Garlinger
Jim Gass
Doris Gasteiro
Audrey Gastmeyer
Barry Gaston
Constance Gaston
Melanie Gathers
Rev. Matt German
Rev. Brian Germano
Dan Gessley
Margaret Gessley
Nancy Gibbs
Rev. Gina Gile
Rev. Sandy Giles
Rev. Susan Giles
Rev. Scott Gilliland
Lauren Girard
Debbie Givens
Rev. Elizabeth Givens
Hasson Glasgow
Rev. Ronald Gonia
Beth Gooch
Rev. John Gooch
Carolyn Gooden
Frank Goodloe
DeAnna Gordon
Marian Gore
Rev. Terry Gosnell
Rev. Allen Grant
Gloria Grant
Rev. Erika Gravely
Gordon Greathouse
Mary Sue Gregory
Rev. Julie Greyerbiehl
Tim Griffy
Susan Gross
Rev. Gene Gurley
Debra Hack
Rev. John Haddorff
Rev. Robin Hager
Hess Hall
Jan Hammon
Carol Hampton
Jack Hankins
Christy Hanne
Rev. Adolf Hansen
Kerry Hanson
Sue Hardage
Rev. Heather Harding
Rev. Lu Harding
Betty Jo Hardy
Dana Harkey
Rev. John Harnish
Rev. James Harnish
Mary Harper
Rev. Steve Harper
Stacy Harrell
Rev. David Harris
Deborah Harris
Rev. Diane Harrison
Rev. Sarah Harrison-McQueen
Marilee Harton
John Hartrick
Rev. Andrew Harvey
Rev. David Harvin
Catherine Harwood
Amy Hasfjord
Lois Haupt
Susan Hauser
Margaret Hawkins
Dalynn Hayakawa
David Haynes
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Rev. Mel Hazlewood
Linda G Henderson
Julia Henderson-Kalb
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Dr. David Higbee
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Morton Hoagland
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Rev. J. Denise Honeycutt
Ron Hopkins
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Doug Horner
Kevin Hostler
Bonnie House
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Rev. Jill Howard
Pamela Howell
Rose Hubbard
Karen Huber
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Patrick Hughes
Leigh Humphrey
Rev. Stephen Humphrey
Rev. Anna-Lisa Hunter
Rev. M. Park Hunter
Joyce Hursman
Shelby Hutchens
Emily Hutchings
Dirk Hutchinson
Rev. Kent Ingram
Jeanne Jacobs
Rev. Jeff Jaekley
Rev. Kimal James
Paula James
Rev. Michael Jarrell
Chet Jechura
Karen Jeschke
JoAnne Jirsa-Myers
Rev. Patty Johansen
Rev. Cathy Johns
Barbara Johnson
Carl Johnson
Cathy Johnson
Lynn Johnson
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Pam Johnson
Rev. Kate Johnson Martin
Rev. Bruce Jones
Becki Jordan
Betty Jordan
Jenny Jorgensen
Lorna Jost
Rev. Markus Jung
Jacques Kadar
Jania Kadar
Rev. Karen Kagiyama
Rev. Larry Kalajainen
Cindy Keen
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Rev. Robert Kells, Jr.
Vicki Kelly
Karen Kenwell
Rev. Erwin Kerr
Rev. Colin Kerr-Carpenter
Elaine Kidwell
Rev. Wayne C. Kidwell
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Lisa King
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Bruce Koch
Leslie Koch
Jayne Komadina
Gayle Korfhage
Kristine Kosloski
Owen Kosloski
Claire Kowalski
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Rev. Dalene Kuebler
Jeanette Kuhns
Andrew LaBar-Dietz
Mona LaBranche
Rev. Jack Ladd
Susan Ladika
Rev. Jennifer Lambert
Ronda Lancaster Velazco
Mack Land
Jessica Lanes
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Candace Larson
Rev. Alisa Lasater Wailoo
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Jason Rogers
Loretta Rogers
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Marilyn Spatz
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Carolyn Stephens
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Betsy Trumbell
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Henrietta (Hummy) VanDeWeert
Chuck Vedane
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Larry and Marty Viterna
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