Directed Reading Program, Summer 2017 (Graduate Students)
Hey! You're awesome. Applications are due Friday, June 2, by 11am.
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If you have a gmail address, what is it?
We're using Google Docs to store information, and this lets us share it with you.
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How do you want to participate?
The committee runs the program and facilitates interaction between mentors and students.
Have you been a DRP mentor in the past?
What are your general areas of interest?
Feel free to include areas that you don't know well and want to learn, but be aware that running a project in an unfamiliar area will require a serious time commitment on your part.
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What are your specialties?
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Do you have a specific project in mind? If so, what is it?
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How much background do you want your student to have?
If you have a specific project in mind, how much background does it need (ex: "some experience with Matlab," "MUST have taken 400-level linear algebra")? If not, what level of student would you like to work with? Remember that the Program is open to non-math majors with minimal background, and freshmen taking Calculus, as well as rising seniors.
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Is there anything we should know about your summer schedule (vacations, etc.)?
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Any other information, comments, requests, jokes, haiku, or anything else you'd like to tell us?
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