Summer 2021 STEM Santa Fe Camps
STEM Santa Fe is pleased to kick off the summer with in-person STEM/STEAM Camps.

Who: Boys and Girls of Northern New Mexico Rising into 5th to 12th Grade, varies from camp to camp.

Where: In person at SFCC or NNMC, depending on the camp.

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STEM Santa Fe se complace en comenzar el verano con los campamentos STEM / STEAM en persona.

Quién: Niños y niñas del norte de Nuevo México Pasando del quinto al doceavo grado, varía de un campamento a otro.

Dónde: En persona en SFCC o NNMC, según el campamento.

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Check all the camps registering your child for. Note you can pick only one each during the weeks of June 7 and June 21. (Marque todos los campamentos a los que se inscriben. Note que solo puede inscribirse a un campamento la semana de Junio 7 y de Junio 21.)
June 7-11: “Making a Miniaturized Chemical Sensor” at Santa Fe Community College, for students rising into 9th-12th grade. ***This camp is now closed.***
June 7-11: “Building and Flying Drones“ at Santa Fe Community College, for students rising into 9th-12th grade. ***This camp is now closed.***
June 14-18: “Building Motion Sensors with Arduino” at Northern New Mexico College in Española, NM, for students rising into 7th-9th grade. ***This camp is now closed.***
June 21-25: “Building and Flying Drones“ at Northern New Mexico College in Española, NM, for students rising into 9th-12th grade. ***This camp is now closed.***
June 28 - July 2: “STEAM All around us” at Santa Fe Community College, for student rising 5th-7th grade
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July 12 - 16: "App Design for Social Justice" at Santa Fe Community College, for GIRLS rising into 6th-10th grade
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July 19-23: "Building Smart Greenhouse with Arduino" at Santa Fe Community College, for students rising into 7th-9th grade - Some Coding Experience required.
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What is the highest level of education in the your household? (¿Cuál es el nivel más alto de educación en su hogar?) *
Does your child qualify for free or reduced lunch? This is only to know how many students in that category we serve. We do not receive any federal funding or any funding from the schools for this purpose. (¿Su hijo califica para almuerzo gratis o reducido?) *
The registration fee of $25/camp. Would you like a fee waiver? (Registro de $25/campamento, ¿Quieres aplicar para una beca del campamento?) *
What gender does your child identify as? (¿Qué género se identifica su hijo/a?) *
Is your child of Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin? (¿Su hijo/a es de origen Hispano, Latino o Español?) *
Race your child identifies with - Check all that apply. (Raza con la que su hijo se identifica - marque todas las que correspondan.) *
Lunch will be provided. Does your child have any food allergies or dietary concerns? (Se proporcionará almuerzo. ¿Su hijo tiene alguna alergia alimentaria o problemas dietéticos?) We will do our best to accommodate but you might need to provide your child with lunch if needed. (Haremos lo posible en acomodarlo/a, pero es posible que su hijo/a tenga que traer su almuerzo si lo requiere.) *
Anything in particular we need to know? (Algo en particular que necesitamos saber?) *
I release, waive, indemnify, hold harmless, and discharge STEM Santa Fe and STEM Santa Fe sponsors from all claims, damages, and liability arising from my child’s participation in the summer camp. (Libero, renuncio, indemnizo y eximo STEM Santa Fe y sus patrocinadores de todas las reclamaciones, daños y responsabilidades que surjan de la participación de mi hijo en el campamento de verano.) *
I understand that the images and recordings may be published in local newspapers or may be used and shared by STEM Santa Fe on social media outlets or used by STEM Santa Fe in marketing material without payment of fees. Last names and other private information such as addresses, phone numbers, or email will NOT be published. I give permission for such images and recordings to be used in this manner. (Entiendo que las imágenes y grabaciones pueden publicarse en periódicos locales o pueden ser utilizadas y compartidas por STEM Santa Fe en medios de comunicación social o utilizadas por STEM Santa Fe en material de marketing sin pago de tarifas. NO se publicarán los apellidos y otra información privada como direcciones, números de teléfono o correo electrónico. Doy permiso para que tales imágenes y grabaciones se utilicen de esta manera.) *
I understand that you are holding a space for my child, and that funds have been allocated accordingly, and my child will be attending the camp. I will contact you at if my plans change. (Entiendo que tiene un espacio para mi hijo, y que los fondos se han asignado en consecuencia, y mi hijo asistirá al campamento. Me comunicaré con usted en si mis planes cambian.) *
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