Chimes Head Copy Editor Application 2019-20
DUE: 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 26.

The head copy editor is responsible for the grammatical, stylistic and factual excellence of Chimes text. The time commitment for head copy editor is roughly 5-10 hours a week, including Wednesday layout nights. The head copy editor will receive a stipend of $300 per semester.

Duties include:
- recruiting, training and managing volunteer copy editors
- flagging content issues (editorializing, statements that need fact-checking, etc.) for section editors to address
- ensuring all articles are copy edited three times before publication

The head copy editor is hired for a full academic year. Exceptions for off-campus interims, semesters abroad or graduating early are sometimes granted by Chimes leadership.

Note: if you wish to apply to be a section editor, multimedia editor or layout editor, you need to fill out those applications separately (though you may reuse answers and work samples).

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