Sex Coaching
I offer one-on-one (small group also possible) coaching sessions on zoom (video-chat or without video), or in person if applicable (pricing info is listed within the form below)

Fill out this survey to see if we'd be a good match! (you can find some testimonials here).

Sex Coaching can cover
  • judgment free space to ask your questions
  • opportunities to talk about concerns/thoughts/experiences
  • exploration of sexual desires/needs/wants
  • reflecting on past experiences
  • communicating around current/potential relationships
  • connecting to resources

Sex coaching does NOT cover
  • phone or webcam sex
  • flirting/sexual experiences between client and coach
Sex work IS real work but it's not my work. There are a lot of great phone sex operators and webcammers  to reach out to if that is what you are seeking. 

Any attempts at engaging in virtual sex with me (or unapproved nudity) will lead to the session automatically ending and you forfeiting your payment. 
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What hourly rate are you able to pay (this link helps you decide)? My rates are in USD and I offer sliding scale (which are different payment levels) to avoid you getting turned away because of cost. I offer examples below but you can pay between these as well.  Use "other" to offer barter or barter & pay option mixes - Bartering means offering something in exchange for. For example, perhaps you are a graphic novel artist and can offer to create some designs for my work or an illustrator that can design something for my educational materials, or you can sign up 3 friends to pay for services, or you can get your company to hire me as a speaker - be creative!) 

Payment plans are available for 5 & 10 packs and new couple/throuple packages. If you are unsure if you want a pack, you can choose a single session and use that payment as a deposit on a package after the first meeting :) 
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Depending on the topics you are seeking to work on, it can be supportive to have a team of supportive professionals with different specialties.  Are you currently seeing a therapist or other mental health professional? 
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