GCDA New Member Form: Youth (17 & under)
Your membership is not active until you have paid your $10 annual dues.

Please go to this link to do so: http://gcdaweb.org/memberpay-youth

Email web@gcdaweb.org if you have any questions!
Privacy for Minors
MINORS MUST HAVE PARENTAL PERMISSION TO JOIN. This form must be filled out by a guardian.

Normally, members are listed in the dance directory. To protect the privacy of youth, youth members will NOT be listed in our public dance directory.
Legal Guardian's Information
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Membership Directory
This section would be shared with the GCDA membership. To protect the youth's privacy, parents should only include supervised emails and the parents' phone number. Do not include any information if you do not wish to be contacted at all.
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Committee interest(s)
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Anything else?
Please feel free to use this box to provide any further information to the web administrator. She/he will use her/his discretion as to whether it will be shared.
Thank you! We are so excited to have you!
Don't forget to pay your $10 annual fee at http://gcdaweb.org/memberpay-youth
Your membership is not active until you do so.
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