Adoption Professionals
Your answers will help provide professional experience to the book I am working on surrounding how to navigate open adoption relationships from a birth mother's perspective. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
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Can I use your quote in the book?
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What is your work within the adoption community?
How have you seen open adoption beneficial to ALL triad members?
What needs to change to better open adoption relationships? How can we have less angry adoptees and birth mothers?
What would be a true reason to close an open adoption relationship? In your opinion, where is that line drawn? How can we make that happen less often?
What would help adoptive parents understand and prepare for open adoption better so the openness continues as agreed?
What would be your advice to a birth mother seeking open adoption to have a healthy relationship?
What would be your advice to adoptive parents seeking open adoption to have a healthy relationship?
Do you know of any adoption therapy resources that are accessible to anyone, anywhere?
Do you have any recommended resources, books, studies, etc. surrounding open adoption that would be helpful for furthering my research?
I plan to make a list of resources in the back of the book, are you interested in being included if you are a good fit for the purpose of this book?
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Would you be willing to review and promote this book to your clients, on social media, website, if you have a podcast, etc. once it is published?
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Would you be willing to receive an advanced digital copy and agree to review the book, give suggestions if needed, and an endorsement quote to include in the final copy?
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