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Please provide the name of your company / organization exactly as you would like it to see it written in your website text and / or promotional content. Often, there are variations from one source of marketing material to the next, so we’re simply looking to confirm the way you would prefer for your name to appear.
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Tell us about the most common characteristics for your customers – e.g., age, income, educational level, etc.
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11. What are the objectives for our marketing efforts. Think about the specific metrics that you would like to see improved.
e.g., revenue earned, leads generated, traffic to the website, rankings for specific terms, etc.
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13. Tell us about the tone or writing style that would be most appropriate for your website text and marketing content.
For example, would you prefer to address customers and prospects with a straightforward, serious tone, or would a more playful and clever approach be ideal? Tell us about the way you would like to be portrayed from a copywriting standpoint.
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Michael Horton
Lava Lung
PO Box 14033
Odessa, TX 79768
M: (432) 741-2454
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