Hazard Mitigation Public Opinion Survey
Natural Hazard Information
How concerned are you about the following natural disasters affecting your county:
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Very Concerned
Not Concerned
Hurricanes/Tropical Storms
Coastal erosion
Dam/Levee Failure
Expansive Soils
Extreme heat
Land Subsidence
Severe winter storms
During the past five years within Zapata County, have you or someone in your household, directly experienced or been affected by a natural occurrence?
If yes, which natural disaster have you or someone in your household experienced in the last five years?
Your answer
Have you received information on safety procedures for when natural disasters happen?
If yes, from whom did you last receive safety information about natural disasters? Check all that apply.
Community vulnerabilities and hazard mitigation
Which of the following categories are more at risk to the impacts caused by natural hazards in your area? Rank in order from 1- 6, 1 being the strongest and 6 being the weakest. *
Loss of life and/or injuries
Business closures and/or losses (stores, ranches, farms, etc.)
Damage or loss of bridges, utilities, schools, roads, hospitals, etc.
Damage or loss of libraries, museums, fairgrounds, etc.
Damage or loss of forests, rangeland, waterways, etc.
Disruption to public administration and day-to-day operations
What specific types of community assets are most important to you?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not Important
Elderly facilities
Schools (PK-12)
Major bridges/ Roads
Fire/EMS/ Police stations
Museums/ Historic buildings
Major employers
Small businesses
College/ University
City Hall/Courthouse
The following statements will help determine priorities regarding planning for natural hazards in your county. Select how important each statement is to you.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Very Important
Not Important
Protecting private property
Protecting critical facilities
Preventing development in hazard areas
Protecting historical and cultural landmarks
Protecting and reducing damage to utilities
Strengthening emergency services
Disclosing natural hazard risks during real estate transactions
Promoting cooperation among public agencies, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses
Mitigation and preparedness activities in your household
Check those activities that you have done in your household, plan to do in the future, have not done or are unable to do.
Have Done
Plan to do
Not Done
Unable to do
Attended meetings or received written information on natural disasters or emergency preparedness
Talked with members in your household about what to do in case of a natural disaster or emergency
Developed a “Household/ Family Emergency Plan” in order to decide what everyone would do in the event of a disaster? Included your pet(s) in your Household/Family Emergency Plan
Prepared a “Disaster Supply Kit” (stored extra food, water, batteries, medication or other emergency supplies)?
Have been trained in first aid or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Prepared your home by having smoke detector on each level of the house
Discussed or created a utility shutoff procedure in the event of a natural disaster?
8. What actions have you taken to reduce risk for your house/apartment/ property for potential disasters? (Please check all that apply)
General Information
Level of education:
What jurisdiction(s) applies to you?
Do you rent or own your home?
Do you own/rent a...
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