Gateway Youth Transport Form
At times Gateway volunteers or staff may offer or be asked to provide transport to or from Youth activities and we are happy to help where possible. We collect express parent/carer permission for this to happen so that we can best support parents/carers and ensure child safety.

Transport by Gateway volunteers or staff is not generally part of the formal Youth program and opting in is not required to participate - it is at your discretion. Rarely, some special offsite events require transport, but we collect specific permission for those events.

Gateway volunteers and staff provide transport for youth in line with the policies in the Gateway Youth Team Handbook (available at, including providing you with their personal contact details.
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Your name (Parent/Carer) *
Your contact number *
Youth team members who are asked to provide transport for your youth will use this number to provide you with their contact details.
Youth name 1 *
If you would like give permission for multiple youth in your care, you can use the following fields to provide permission for all.
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By selecting options below, I give permission for the above youth to be transported by relevant Gateway Youth Team Members at their own risk. I agree to contact Gateway Church (Australia) Ltd in writing in the event that I withdraw or partially withdraw this permission. *
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