Special Education Webinar Pre Survey
On November 12, KSB School Law will host a webinar addressing Hot Topics in Special Education Law. As promised, we are reaching out to get a sense of the special education issues you struggle with most, and so that we can tackle them head-on. We are going to have you rank several special education issues in the order of what you would most like us to address.
Which of the following topics you would like KSB to address at the 11/12 webinar (1 being MOST and 5 being LEAST)? *
Special Education Discipline
Least Restrictive Environment Issues
Prior Written Notice
Parent Requests for Independent Education Evaluations
Service Animals
Behavior Intervention Plans
Writing IEP goals
Transportation Issues
Special Education Records (maintenance, requests for copies, who can see at school, etc.)
How to Run an Efficient IEP Meeting
Dealing with Parent Participation Issues (parent won't show up, divorced parents, etc.)
Getting General Education Staff to Buy In and Implement IEPs
Mental Health and Special Education
Transition Services
What other issues would you like KSB to address in the webinar on 11/12?
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We want this webinar to be useful to you. If you have any suggestions, please let us know
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