Let it SPARK !
We welcome Final Year students to our SPARK program.

If you are a Final Year Students from local institution, and presenting Website/Web Application for your Final Year Project (FYP), and you require a Cloud VPS hosting, please help to fill in the form below. We will review it, and contact your on the result within 2-3 weeks.

Our slots are limited, so make it quick !

SPARK is brought to you by InspyreHosting.com. This is our way to contribute back to communities by helping you SPARK your great ideas into reality.

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What is SPARK ?
1. SPARK is a VPS Hosting program
2. SPARK VPS is hosted in either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) depends on available quota.
3. SPARK VPS is a short lived offering. It is only available for limited time/few months before the slot is opened to other users.
4. We will provide Ubuntu server for you, complete with SSH access. (Yes, we don't provide Windows server)
5. Server specification: 512 MB RAM, Region US, Public IP
1. You get your own Public IPv4 IP
2. You can use RunCloud.io Free to deploy your source code (View RunCloud package https://runcloud.io/pricing.html)
3. Increase your knowledge in IT infrastructure (DNS, networking, storage, SSH, etc) as you setup your site. Once you graduate, you can use this learnings to setup your own site in your own VPS elsewhere
4. You can proudly showcase your portfolio publicly
Who should use SPARK VPS ?
1. Final year students doing web development projects
2. If you're publishing your projects for your lecturer
Who should not use SPARK VPS ?
1. If you need Windows Server hosting
2. If you prefer to use CPanel, SPARK might not suit you
3. If you intend to use SPARK VPS other than hosting your FYP project.
What will I get ?
Once approved, you will be given SSH access with a inspyrehosting subdomain to access your server/site. You can use your domain (or get it free from https://my.freenom.com/domains.php) and CNAME it to the domain we provided. (We'll provide a tutorial for this)
What about support ?
1. Your SPARK VPS is hosted in reliable AWS/GCP cloud provider, hence you will require no support on the underlying infrastructure.
2. From time to time, we will post articles and tutorials on how you can use SPARK with RunCloud, etc.
3. We will NOT provide any support of deploying your projects, etc. We will help with "best effort" support, and the tutorials that we provide should help you with most issues.
Other FAQ
Does this mean I have to install the software on my own (ie MySQL, etc) ?
Indeed. You will need to learn to use apt-get install, to install all of your required software. We will help you by providing the tutorials needed.

Can I reboot the server?
Yes, you can. It is your own server (during your tenure). However, you need to use Linux command to do that ;-) Interesting right ?

What if I shutdown my server?
For limited time, we can help you to bring it up. You can send us message in Facebook Page to do that, or contact our Hotline number (will be provided in your email).

I don't know what projects I want to do, but can I just submit first ?
We will give priority for those who has a confirmed project (the scope might change, that's ok).

Can I submit multiple submission?
Only 1 submission per users is allowed.

I haven't start doing anything on the VPS yet. Will you cancel my subscription ?
Yes. There are more students in need of the limited slot. We will monitor your CPU/Network usage. If we found no usage wIthin 50% of your subscription duration, we will send you an email, and terminate your instance.

If you have more questions, kindly send us message in our Facebook Page
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You can provide us your FB, Mobile phone number, etc. But this is not mandatory as long as we can contact you via email.
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Institution name and address
Tell us about your project *
What you have in mind ? It might change in future, but at least we want to see what's your plan
How long do you need the SPARK VPS ? *
This is a short lived offering. At this time, we can't accomodate long lived VPS as there are more students in need that need this service. However, if you think you deserve more, please provide us the justification in the Remarks.
When you plan to start ? *
Based on the duration above, you need to make sure your final presentation with your Lecturer is on the last month of your hosting.
Any extra information you want to share ? Maybe the question "why should we reserve this VPS for you ?"
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