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Notice to Survey Participants

Thank you for your interest in taking this survey. Please read through this notice before consenting or dissenting.

We are asking gamers of online role-playing games [of 18 years of age or older] to complete this survey to help with our research on the perception of fantasy races in online gaming. Please be aware that questions on this survey may ask you for sensitive opinions and ideas, and that you are under no obligation to answer. If you do choose to answer, however, please answer honestly. We expect that this survey will take you no longer than 10 minutes to finish (though there is no time limit with the survey).

Please also be aware that we are not asking for your name: any information collected that could be used to identify you (gender, age, or racial identity) will be recorded anonymously. There is a minimal risk of loss of anonymity based on recording your IP address. You should know that your IP address could be used to identify you to your results, but we are very deliberately NOT RECORDING IP addresses, but this may be done unintentionally by the website host.

The risks to this survey are minimal: however, you may feel that the questions are unfairly worded or may cause psychological discomfort. We have tried to avoid this, however; in a case where you feel uncomfortable answering, you are under no obligation to answer the question or finish the survey.

The information collected here will be put together as a large body of results, anonymously, and stored either on secure networks, which will be kept securely within our office. Results may be shared in aggregate, but not individually.

If you provide us with original, long responses [on questions 8, 9, 10], please be aware that we may REPRODUCE YOUR ANSWER in the course of our research and sharing of results, but these will be done anonymously. By taking this survey, you agree to let us reproduce your answers anonymously as it is relevant to our research.

You are in no way obligated to take this survey, nor, once started, are you under obligation to finish. At any point you may close the browser window and leave the survey unfinished.

Thank you again for your participation.

If you have any questions on these matters, please contact Thomas Rowland, principal investigator, at

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Thomas Rowland
PhD Candidate, Department of English
Saint Louis University

Amanda Barton
MA Candidate, Department of English
Saint Louis University

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