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You must submit your discord name along with your user ID.
What was the reason why you were banned from discord?
You must submit a fully-detailed description of your ban reason. Otherwise, your unban appeal will not be considered valid. Screenshot evidence is stored in our database for all ban appeals trials that will be presented during the evaluation period. This will help determine the verdict of your unban request.
Why should we consider accepting you back into our community?
You must submit an explanation for your actions and accept responsibility. We also require a written apology statement to the community for your behavior and actions you demonstrated. A mandatory minimum word count of 200 is required.
What's the best method of contact to reach you?
Please provide a phone number, email address, discord name, etc.
Acknowledgement Agreement

By agreeing to these terms. You acknowledged and take full responsibility for your previous and future actions. In the event this unban request is approved. Any repeat of prior or new infractions will reinstate a permanent ban. No prior warnings, leniency, or special privileges shall be given, etc. from management. We only give each individuals (1) chance to be welcomed back into our community.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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