Physical Restraint Assessment
Massachusetts Restraint & Seclusion Regulations and Procedures Assessment

Following the end of your Restraint Regulations & Procedures Training, please answer the following questions. For the Massachusetts Restraint & Seclusion Regulations and Procedures Training click here:

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Imminent Risk *
Physical Restraint is an emergency procedure of last resort and is prohibited unless there is imminent risk of harm. Which of the following examples demonstrates imminent risk of harm?
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Physical Escort *
When an agitated student requires help to move down the hallway back to his classroom, which of the following physical ESCORT methods is allowed under the new regulations?
1 point
De-Escalation *
An example of de-escalation of behaviors may include:
1 point
De-Escalation Techniques *
Which of the following is the most appropriate way to use de-escalation techniques?
1 point
Seclusion *
Seclusion is prohibited. Seclusion is defined by which of the following?
1 point
Time-out *
Time-out is permitted. Which of the following is the correct definition of Time-Out?
1 point
Restraints *
There are several types of restraint that are prohibited. Which of the following types of restraints are allowed in public schools, when provided by staff who have received in-depth training?
1 point
Threat *
If you or students are under threat of assault, or imminent, serious, physical harm or the student is under this level of threat to themself, and the student is not responsive to verbal directives or other less intrusive interventions, are you and/or other staff members, regardless of level of training, allowed to restrain the student?
1 point
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