Fraud/Waste/Abuse Information Report
New Hanover County Schools is continually working to provide its NHCS employees and citizens with prompt efficient audit services. Your comments are important to us. Thank you for completing this form.
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2. Please provide a precise description of the activity. Include date(s), the name of the school, department or location wherein you believe the activity is taking place; and the name of the individual(s) whom you believe is involved in the activity. *
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4. Do you have evidence such as documents, photographs, letters, electronic data, or anything else to substantiate the activity? *
5. If yes, please describe.
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Please mail any documents to the attention of Nancy Braswell, Internal Auditor at 6410 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412
The information below is strictly confidential. The identity of the person providing the information shall not be disclosed without their written permission, unless the disclosure is to a law enforcement agency which is conducting a criminal investigation. The identify of the person providing the information will be known to personnel with a legitimate need to know in order to carry out the investigation.

Simply select "No" if you do not wish to provide the confidential information.

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