Art Services Worker Safety Survey
Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts on the safety measures adopted by your workplace in response to Covid-19. We'll use your feedback to help inform the industry-wide safety guidelines put forth by the Art Services Worker Safety Coalition. All answers will remain anonymous.

The Universal Safety Guideline, In-Person Safety Agreement, and PPE Chart are all available on our website at
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To start, tell us a little about your position:
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What is your usual form of employment:
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What city and state (or city and country) do you primarily work in?
My employer has made it clear that they are following the Universal Safety Guidelines (as minimum guidelines) as laid out in the Art Services Worker Safety Coalition website
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What forms of PPE has your employer provided you with? Check all that apply
Would you find it useful to have photographic images of PPE provided for reference on the Art Services Worker Safety Coalition's online forum?
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How safe do you feel working in your physical place of employment?
Not safe at all
Very safe
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How safe do you feel working on-site at the following types of locations (that you are not primarily employed by)?
Not safe at all
Somewhat unsafe
Very safe
Museums/ Institutions/ Foundations
Art Storage Facilities
Artist Studios
Private Residences
What types of work situations concern you the most in regards to potential exposure to COVID-19
What additional measures could be taken to alleviate these concerns?
Please answer the questions below based on the following statements.
Throughout the shutdown and return to work, my employer has demonstrated they care about my well-being.
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My employer has made clear that I should not come to work if I am feeling symptoms of COVID-19.
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My employer has set clear expectations with clients in advance that all parties involved in projects/services will observe reciprocal safety practices when in each other's presence.
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I have been in situations on-site where some or all present parties were not wearing face coverings or observing appropriate social distance´┐╝
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While on-site, I would feel comfortable requesting that a prominent client/lender/collector observe reciprocal safety practices in my presence (e.g. wear mask / social distance)
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Please share any experiences you have had returning to work that you feel are relevant to the issues and concerns art services workers are presently facing
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